Magdalene Rosenmöller

Magdalene is a Professor at the IESE Business School Operations Management Department. She is an internationally recognized expert and researcher in health management and policy. She has worked with the European Commission, the World Bank, and various universities worldwide.

Laurent Zmiro

Laurent is part of a joint venture of the Rothschild Investment Trust and the Edmond de Rothschild Group, where he set up an investment club in 2012. His career includes positions at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. He also co-founded an independent financial boutique and a members-only art trading platform.

François Marmion

François is the Investment Director in charge of Private Equity of Helios Capital. He previously spent several years at the executive level of small high-tech companies, and over a decade in management consulting with Ernst & Young.

The STEM Challenge

Shh... I have a secret. I love math. This is how I start my STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematics) talks. Then, of course, I wink. Since I graduated from college, I’ve been speaking to students at local schools about engineering. Initially, I started with a 45-minute talk,...

Congratulations to the 20 finalists

It's the news you've been waiting so patiently for! These are the 20 teams that made it through the Open Education Challenge to the final. They will come from far and wide to the Finalists' workshop and pitch competition on 13-15 July to determine which 10 teams will take part in the...

Highlights from EdTech Europe 2014

EdTech Europe is the continent's leading conference platform for educational technology, and June 12 was their one-day summit! Lots of big names and big ideas, and thankfully a number of participants live-tweeted it for the benefit of everyone who couldn't be there. OEC co-founder Edouard...

The Conversion Funnel

Uncertainty lies everywhere, especially in business. As a startup, besides change the world, your main mission is to survive . Even after you have validated your idea (i.e. confirm that someone is willing to pay you for your product/service), you still have a lot of work to do in order to reduce...

Bogdan Ceobanu


Personal stories from a team of co-founders

A long time ago, the idea was born to build a social network that allows organizations to share educational, funding, and volunteering opportunities with the world. Before coming together to make this idea a reality, each member of our team lived and learned some unforgettable lessons. Our...

Why all tech entrepreneurs MUST know about code

In the past centuries, education for most people was about learning the alphabet and the multiplication tables. In the fast-paced and digitally innovative 21 st century, however, programming is quickly becoming one of the primary skills to learn. Working for an Edtech startup, I often get asked why...