Discovering new aspects of innovation in education in Paris

Why is it so difficult to innovate in education? What are the obstacles and constraints that all innovators – from the inside or the periphery of the educative system – have to face? The visit of the Open Education Challenge to Paris enabled our startups to discover new aspects of innovation in...

Shuli Gilutz


Dr Andrew Manches


Alain Assouline


Innovation and Incubation in Helsinki

The word on everyone’s lips last week was: design. The top teams of the Open Education Challenge met at the Design Factory at Aalto University Helsinki for the first residential workshop of the European Incubator for Innovation in Education. The theme of the workshop was (you guessed it):...

L'Open Education Challenge: innover en éducation

La transformation de nos systèmes d’éducation, l’irruption des technologies dans l’apprentissage. Il s’inquiétait également d’un certain conservatisme éducatif qui freinait l’adoption et/ou le développement de solutions innovantes développées spécifiquement pour...

The OEC incubation programme, about to start

The first edition of the European Incubator for Innovation in Education - related to the Open Education Challenge is about to start with the participation of eight winning teams. The awarded teams will gather at the Design Factory of Aalto University (Espoo, neighbouring city to Helsinki, Finland)...
Finnish tango the educative dream

Finnish tango: the educative dream

“Finnish Lessons” by Pasi Sahlberg is an enlightening summer reading for all those passionate about education. Pasi tells us a success story – how, in less than three decades, Finland built a very successful education system – but above all he shares key thoughts regarding innovation in education...

Carolina Jeux