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Think with Things: Happy Memories of the OEC Tour

Think with Things has been moving forward and growing quickly in the past few weeks, but they found time to publish a passionate newsletter recalling their experience at the Open Education Challenge. It was a pleasure and an honour for all those involved to be part of the entire process, and...

The Global EdTech Awards are back. Meet the 2014 winner

With their award-winning platform, Clarity for Schools, US-based edtech startup BrightBytes won last year’s Global Edtech Startup of the Year, followed by Spongelab and EdPuzzle . We had an opportunity to speak with the founders of BrightBytes at the launch of the 2015 edition of the Global...

The use of video in MOOCs: new tool or disruptive innovation?

The use of video has been a major trend in MOOCs, especially when linked to universities and with teachers presenting actual courses. This challenge has led many teachers and learners to use it as an integral part, if not the main part, of a learning experience. However, most of the time its format...
GroupMooc Testimonials

Some Incubation Insights and 2015 Resolutions (I)

“In January 2014, we had the first version of our product built and we were excited by the results. We were convinced we could leverage this success by improving the product’s functionality so that it would be monetisable, but we needed mentorship and additional capital to achieve this...