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What is the option I give to the investors?

It is the following: “If selected for Incubation, I will grant an option to the Open Education Investment Club members to acquire 20% of the startup’s capital at an agreed value depending on the stage of development, as described in the terms and conditions.”

What is the purpose of the seed funding?

You will receive up to €20,000 upon joining the Incubator in return for small stakes in your company (6% on average). This seed funding will cover your costs during the Incubation period, including, for instance, the development of a prototype, testing costs, and travel and accommodation expenses.

Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome. We encourage applications from entrepreneurs, teachers, students, practitioners or anyone with a passion for education and entrepreneurship and above all a company vision that may transform teaching, learning and training. Your success depends on the quality and cohesion of the team. Before assessing individuals, we first look at the team of founders.