Pierre-Antoine Ullmo

Pierre-Antoine is in charge of overall strategy at P.A.U. Education. He is a specialist in innovative learning and social development with a background in economics and publishing.

Edouard Ullmo

Edouard heads a private equity firm, Armat Group. Previously, he worked in the aeronautics field, holding senior positions with companies such as Matra, Eurocopter and Airbus. 

Teemu Leinonen

Teemu is a professor at Aalto University. He has over a decade of R&D experience in the field web-based learning and has co-founded two companies.

Jacqueline Fendt

Jacqueline is a professor at ESCP Europe and Scientific Director of the school’s Chair of Entrepreneurship. She also founded and chaired Business Angels Schweiz.

Hannes Klöpper

Hannes is the co-founder of iversity, a Berlin-based startup that makes high quality university-level courses openly available to anyone on the internet. 

René Ricol

René is the Founder and Chairman of Ricol Lasteyrie, a company that offers independent financial expertise and risk management. He recently left the post of General Commissioner for Public Investment. 

Jim Devine


Ross Hall


A timeline of technology in the classroom

"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Isaac Newton knew the value of building on others' work. No inventor has ever made something from nothing, and until someone does, let's take a minute to reminisce on some of the previous technologies...