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Examples of good and bad answers for your application

As you proceed to refine your application, we want to help you present the best case possible for your idea. We just published a blog post explaining the selection process and each of the four evaluation criteria . Today, we go even further: Yishay Mor, member of the evaluation team, provides...

51 Questions Any Edtech Entrepreneur Must Answer (via edSurge)

In the Open Education Challenge application form, we ask four questions: What is the education problem you want to solve? What is the role of technology in your project? What is your business and market approach? Why are you and your team the right people to do it? But for anyone who is seriously...

Stefan Dietze


William Florance


Didier Rappaport


Four tips for making your application video

Our application form is pretty simple: four questions and a video. The catch: the video is only 30 seconds long . What can you do to impress the selection committee in the time it takes to read this paragraph? Here’s what we want to see. Please don’t send us a demo! We invest in the...

From college student to CEO in less than a year

After graduating from Imperial College London in 2011, Michael Willmott started working right away – as CEO of Knodium . Michael is a young entrepreneur from the UK who built an open collaboration platform for students and professors at the university level. He got the idea for Knodium from a...