Deadline closing in for the Global EdTech Startups Awards

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The deadline of the Global EdTech Startups Awards has been extended to August !

The competition puts a spotlight on the world’s most promising EdTech startups in 2014, with the goal of catalyzing those that have the potential to produce groundbreaking learning solutions. If you’re a candidate for the Open Education Challenge, you should consider applying! The nomination form is available online.

How the competition works

  1. During this first stage of the competition, anyone – founder, investor, or user – can nominate a startup. They can also contribute their comments, Tweets, and Facebook likes.
  2. Next, representatives from each world region will select their top 10 most promising startups from the nominations.
  3. A panel of professionals will choose 10 finalists.
  4. The 10 finalists will be promoted online and three winners will be selected: two selected by a panel of judges and one by audience popularity.


The three winners will be granted free acceptance to three world-class EdTech ecosystems in Tel Aviv, New York and London. They will spend a total of four months at the following EdTech accelerators: EdTech Incubator (London), Socratic Labs (New York), and MindCET (Tel Aviv and Yeruham). At each one, they’ll have access to office space and facilities, mentoring, and guidance.

Get involved

The competition is joint initiative of MindCET, Socratic Labs, P.A.U. Education and EdTech Incubator. To find out more about the eligibility requirements and to apply, please visit the competition website.

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