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We have an exciting opportunity to turn a list of applicants into a community of entrepreneurs, educators, technologists and innovators that are all working to improve the world of education. We’ve prepared a couple of initiatives that we think you’ll be interested in to build your network and develop your project.

OEC Candidate Open Badge

Every applicant who submitted a full application that meets our eligibility requirements can access an OEC Candidate badge. It is a Mozilla Open Badge which belongs to you and certifies your status as a candidate of the Open Education Challenge. You can display it on your website or social networking sites, or add it to badges from other sources to show your full skill set. We will continue to issue badges to certify further achievements in the Challenge. Check out our blog post about the badges to find out who will receive the badges and how to claim them.

Social Media

  • LinkedIn – we have opened several new discussions in our LinkedIn group where you can introduce yourself and meet other candidates based on thematic area. Is your business about Learning analytics? School management and organization? Devices, tools, or connectivity? Join the discussion and see who else is interested in your area.
  • Twitter – we have made a list of OEC applicants who have shared their Twitter handle with us. Browse the list and start following, and add yourself if you’re not already on it!
  • News and updates – rather than sharing news about the Challenge, we want to start sharing news about YOU. If you’re launching a website, running a contest, have a job opening, etc… let us know! We’d be happy to post it on our Facebook page and share it in our other social media channels as well. Please send us a note at with your news.

Guest blogs

You can expect to start seeing some new authors on the OEC blog in the coming weeks - we have invited a few candidates to submit an article about their experiences or expertise. We want to start drawing out the knowledge and expertise that the members of this community have to offer. Add your voice by commenting on the blogs, or email us if you want to propose a topic.

Google Hangouts

We will be offering a series of on-air Google hangouts to discuss specific topics related to education entrepreneurship. In each hangout, we will invite a few candidates to talk about their experiences and lead the discussion. Anyone is welcome to watch and contribute to the discussions. The first hangout will take place on April 23, 2014. We will soon publish another blog post with more detailed information.

We’re excited about these next steps towards building a supportive environment for all of our candidates! If you have any suggestions or feedback about these initiatives, please feel free to share your thoughts by email or any of our social media channels.

One last thing...

If you haven't yet, please click here to answer this one question: how did you first hear about the Open Education Challenge?

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