Under the hood of the evaluation process

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We received more applications than expected, but we know you put a lot of work and care into your submission and we will make sure that each one gets a full and fair evaluation. So how exactly are we assessing your applications? To give you a better idea, here's an inside look into the evaluation process.

A screenshot of part of the online evaluation tool we are using to score the applications

Step by Step

We have a team of 11 evaluators from the two partners in this project (P.A.U. Education and ARMAT Group). This is the process we are following to review and score the applications and finally decide on the shortlist.

  1. Your application will be reviewed independently by two members of the application team
  2. The evaluators use a secure online tool that allows them to enter their score and comments for each criterion.
  3. After both evaluators have completed their evaluations, the evaluation tool calculates the average score.
  4. If the difference between the two evaluator’s total scores is more than 30 points, both evaluators have to review the other evaluator’s comments and re-evaluate the application. If the difference is still more than 30 points, a third evaluator will evaluate the application.
  5. If your total average score is less than 50 points, you’re out. If your average score is over 70 points, you’re in. Applications with less than 70 points may or may not go on to Phase 3 in order of rank, depending on how many place are left.
  6. All of the evaluations will be tagged according to sector, topic, maturity, etc, in order to better understand the field and to help us build a community that meets the needs of its members.
  7. At the end of April, the evaluation team will review the shortlist, resolve any outstanding issues, and finalise the selection.

On May 10, we will let you know what your score was and whether or not you are advancing to Round 3. We will send you a personal email with your results. If you have any questions about the evaluation and selection process in Phase 2, please feel free to contact us

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