Education is no longer a matter reserved for public authorities or free from real life constraints. The world is spending more on education than ever before. Education is the answer to parents’ desire to guarantee a future job for their children and to companies’ needs for more innovation and better skilled employees.
We created the Open Education Challenge as the first fully European incubator for education startups. There is no single innovation model that will work in all the classrooms around Europe. Education is local and global at the same time. Technology enables new learning solutions to work in almost any classroom. But cultural differences remain and characterize the way students learn and teachers teach. The OEC launched a world-wide invitation to education startups and created a comprehensive network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. The OEC is now dedicated on the one hand to support a small number of innovative startups that have gone beyong the early stage phase and on the other hand to foest education entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond.
The Open Education Challenge coorganizes the Global EdTech Startup Awards with the israelí edtech incubator Mindcet, and a network of edtech incubators from around the world that aims to recognise the world’s most promising EdTech startups with the potential to offer groundbreaking learning solutions.