Lord David Puttnam on technology in education

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The teams who made it to the Finalists’ Workshop were also fortunate enough to meet Lord David Puttnam, a distinguished leader in the education field. With a rich history in the film, public policy, and academic sectors, he is well positioned to comment on the role of technology in education.

We spoke with Lord Puttnam before the pitch competition, where he served as the Chair of the OEC Jury.

“Education is going through a revolution and we mustn’t get behind the curve,” he said. Based on what he has seen on his extensive travels and his personal experience, Lord Puttnam strongly believes in the intelligent use of technology in education.  

“I put my money where my mouth is,” he said. “I teach university courses from my home in West Cork using distance technology – in my case, a Cisco telepresence system – and it works.”

Lord Puttnam is the chair of Atticus Education, an online education company that delivers interactive seminars on a variety of subjects to educational institutions on a global scale. On the topic of entrepreneurship in education, he pointed out that entrepreneurial actors and influences in the education sector is nothing new, citing examples such as John Harvard in the USA.

Lord Puttnam highlighted that while technology has made significant advances in education, there is still room for a lot of impact in the area of assessment.

“Every time we feel as though we’re moving forward, we somehow have been unable to accredit and assess in a way that’s compatible with the opportunities that technology offers.”

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