A sneak peek at the 210 ideas that are reshaping education around the world

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With only one week left until the deadline, the applications are coming in hard and fast!

As of publication we have 210 applications in process, with more submissions by the hour.

This pool of ideas is a breeding ground for the innovations that will transform the way we teach and learn. Not all of the ideas will succeed, but we are developing a vibrant ecosystem where new ideas have a chance to grow and compete. Whether they win the Challenge or not, the people behind these ideas are the ones who are going to bring education to the peak of its potential using the best technology and ingenuity that’s available.  The whole OEC team feels honoured to be involved in this worldwide movement.  

So what does the pool look like? Let’s dive in!

Australia showed up, better late than never!

Location of applicants

Overall, 53 countries are represented in our pool of applications. However, submissions from Europe now far outstrip any other region of the world. Within Europe, the countries with the most applicants are Spain, the UK, Belgium, Italy and Romania. Outside of Europe, Israel is in the lead with 16 applicants.

Top Topics

OEC keywords

What are all these proposals about? We took a look at some of the keywords that kept coming up in the applications and how often they were mentioned. The following list is a sample of some of the terms that our pool of innovators can't stop talking about.

Online was mentioned in 69 applications

Personal or Personalized was mentioned in 39 applications

Open was mentioned in 36 applications

Language was mentioned in 34 applications

Mobile was mentioned in 32 applications

Cloud was mentioned in 14 applications

Employment was mentioned in 13 applications

MOOC was mentioned in 13 applications

Analytics was mentioned in 12 applications

Gamification or gamify was mentioned in 6 applications

Literacy was mentioned in 5 applications

What the applicants are saying

"The Open Education Challenge has the right mentors and the framework we need to help us grow globally. The energy in their team is incredible, which is very important for a potential partnership."

 - Robin Ruel Johansen, CEO of Developing Stories

"OEC came to my knowledge a couple of weeks ago, and first of all, I think the project, the idea behind it is great. It's related to I was telling about education... how Europe can be part of that in technology and entrepreneurship. I  love the whole idea of mentorship... that people can help you take your dreams where you want in an environment of education."

 - Alexandra Maratchi, CEO of Homuork

You can meet some of our applicants in these blog posts:

Stay tuned...

The deadline to apply for the Open Education Challenge is March 17. On March 18, we'll be unveiling some great new content on the website while we undertake the herculean task of narrowing down the applications for the second round of evaluation. Until then... here's a funny video :)

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