What if your boss was also your professor?

By OEC team Comments

Carl Dawson believes that education can’t prepare young people for work. 

“I think it’s impossible for education to meet the needs of employers,” he said in an interview with us. “If we look at the different things that every single employer needs, they’re so different, they’re so distinctive, it’s impossible for schools and for universities to do that on their own.”

Instead, he argues that employers have the responsibility to provide the training and specific education that they require in their employees. In doing so, he said, “companies can do well by doing good.”

Carl is the Managing Director of Proversity, a platform that allows employers to design and deliver “micro-courses” on specific skills or topics. The learners, in turn, are more likely to get hired in positions that require those skills.

“It’s just trying to help people coming from education to find their route and navigate their first couple of roles when they’re going into employment,” Carl explains.

Proversity came about in response to the high unemployment rates across Europe and the skills gap that makes it so difficult for employers to find qualified workers.

Watch the full interview to learn more about Proversity and the need for employers to get involved in education.

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