10 Education Startups from Europe (or nearby) that got funded in 2013

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Education startups are cropping up right and left! Here are ten from Europe (and our neighbours) that received funding last year. In four months, we'll be able to announce our own 10 education startups funded through the OEC!

The following list is adapted from EdTechReview's blog post 50 education startups that go funded in 2013.

Fastr (Latvia)

  • Description: A subscription-based ebook app based on social recommendations.
  • Funding: Raised 36 000 Euros in seed funding in June 2013.

WeStudy.In (Russia)

  • Description: A Moscow-based platform that supports Russian students in studying at schools abroad
  • Funding: Raised 200 000 Euros in funding by Mikhail Frolkin, the managing partner of HeadHunter, in June 2013.

Graduateland (Denmark)

  • Description: A recruitment network of international universities, by offering a free plug’n’play career portal for their intranet
  • Funding: Received funding, the amount of which has not yet been announced, in June 2013.

JoyTunes (Israel)

  • Description: A platform that allows users to learn music through games
  • Funding: Raised 1 million Euros in seed funding led by Genesis Partners, with participation from Founder Collective, Kaedan Capital, and angel investors Dana Messina, Eran Shir, Joe Lonsdale, Zohar Gilon and others, in May 2013.

YaKlass (Russia)

  • Description: A Russian website providing interactive educational materials
  • Funding: Raised 1,6 million Euros in funding from Vesna Investment, Data Pro Group, and Professionali.ru founder Nikita Halyavin, in May 2013.

Eduson.tv (Russia)

  • Description: An online business learning service
  • Funding: Just launched with around 725 000 Euros in funding from Groupon Russia founders and Elena Masolova, in April 2013.

Floqq (Spain)

  • Description: A marketplace for online video courses in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Funding: Raised 36 000 Euros in Angel funding in April 2013.

Study2gether (Spain)

  • Description: An innovative knowledge management platform for schools
  • Funding: Raised 250 000 Euros from accelerator Mola and Extremadura Avante, in April 2013.

BeSmart.net (Russia)

  • Description: Develops a universal trading platform for Internet users to buy and sell educational and informative materials
  • Funding: Received 2,9 million Euros from Education Matrix, a Hong Kong based fund in 2013.

Graduway (UK-Israel)

  • Description: Aims to power all of the world’s alumni networking platforms
  • Funding: Launched with 800 000 Euros in seed funding from BTG Pactual, former 888 Holdings CEO Gigi Levy and RSL Venture Partners, in February 2013.

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