On the art of partnering

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Infantium is a company that offers adaptive learning applications for infants and young children. It was started by two co-founders who were first-time entrepreneurs. In this interview, Karen Márquez, one of the co-founders, explains how their strong partnership strategy helped them overcome some of the challenges of starting up.

Infantium came about in response to the challenge of personalized learning, Karen explained.

“More or less, most educational systems worldwide are using the same education for all children, no matter the capacities or abilities of the kids.” The Infantium apps use user data to adapt the learning experience of each learner to their individual needs.

Karen and her partner started with no previous entrepreneurship experience. They met at business school and partnered with universities to do the initial research that led to the creation of the company. Building great partnerships has been an important strategy for Infantium.

“Going to the market has been smoother because we’ve been very lucky to find the right partners on the content side, big names, so this reputation is good for us. And on the other hand, business partners like Telefonica, for instance; it’s a huge opportunity to partner with them,” said Karen.

By working on a partnership basis, Infantium has been able to reach a much wider audience than they could have on their own. Having well-known partners helped them to develop a good reputation, which is important when it comes to carving out market share in the $32 billion online educational apps industry.  


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