Which TED conference inspires you?

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We had a number of ideas and favourites, but we preferred to ask our 2015 OEC alumni about the videos that inspired them, motivated them, and perhaps helped them to move forward.


“I found the TED Talk from Sugata Mitra on SOLE (Self-Operating Learning Environments) really interesting and inspiring”, Subramanian Viswanathan (Harness) told us. “It was a new way to look at pedagogy and confirms how our lecturing method is outdated.”

Sugata Mitra (Image credits : TED)


Tomás Martinez (Klass Data) mentioned three TED talks : Bill Gates on teachers’ feedback, Sir Ken Robinson on the way to escape the educational “death valley”… and their own Klass Data TED conference on learning analytics !

Bill Gates (Image credits : TED)


For Milosz Cisowski (FunBrush), it was “How great leaders inspire in action” by Simon Sinek: “I find it amazing, as he presents that great leadership needs just a slightly different perspective on what we do.”

Simon Sinek (Image credits : TED)


Adam Roszyk (FunBrush), on the other hand, prefers Neil Harbisson, “I listen to color”… “This one is very interesting for me, because it's about extending the human body’s capability through technology.

I think that our senses in the future will look totally different than they do right now. They will give us new possibilities to avoid danger, or help us to create better (maybe even wordsless) communication.”

Neil Harbisson (Image credits : TED)


Julie Anne Gilleland told us about three TED guests that motivated the Think with Things team the most. First, Sugata Mitra: “I love the idea that the child observing learned at nearly the same level as the child using technology”. Another is  Sir Ken Robinson (of course). Julie says the most famous quote - "We are educating people out of their creativity" - still inspires and motivates their project. Last but not least, the talk by Laura Schulz on “The surprisingly logical minds of babies”. “We often talk about children being able to think for themselves from a very young age, and many times we are met with strange looks. I love the fact that she explores how babies draw conclusions,” Julie told us.

Laura Schulz (Image credits : TED)


The most inspiring TED video for Ivan Ostrowicz (Domoscio) was “Weird, or just different”, by Derek Sivers. As the TED headline to his talk states, "There's a flip side to everything," as the saying goes, and in 2 minutes, Derek Sivers shows this is true in a few ways you might not expect.”

Derek Sivers (Image credits : TED)


… And to add our own recommendation to this selection, here is the link to the TED talk of Bill Gross on “The single biggest reason why startups succeed”, a must-see for new or established startup entrepreneurs!

Bill Gross (Image credits : TED)


Already a good selection of videos to watch or re-watch, isn’t it?

Which personal favourite would you add to the list?

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