What it's like to quit your job and become an entrepreneur

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Alexandra Maratchi is a young woman who saw a common problem in education and decided to solve it. She is the CEO of Homuork, and one of the applicants of the Open Education Challenge. In an interview with us, Alexandra talked about her motivation to create Homuork.

“For me, one of the main problems is that nowadays students feel that they’re not responsible for their education anymore. The fact that the teacher was so up there and just giving information to them converted them into very passive people. I think with technology, interaction and social learning, what we can do is enhance that experience so that education is part of what I want as a student, as a person who is being educated for any type.

Alexandra decided to create Homuork, a platform for multi-media learning that breaks down long lectures into easily digestible bites. Those shorter videos are then made social, with engaging quiz questions and a forum to encourage discussion. In order to develop this project, Alexandra had to quit her job.

“It didn't make sense to me anymore to work where I was working,” Alexandra explained. “I was working for a multinational company. I loved very much the environment, I was learning a lot, but it wasn't my dream. And I've always thought that are two noble sectors somehow where to work, health and education, and there was this huge revolution happening in education. […] And it just made sense to me, to jump.”

Leaving her job was a big risk, so what does Alexandra hope to achieve? She explained that her measurement of success is  not what you might expect from a CEO.

“I remember when I was in high school, I asked the teacher, I don't really understand what you were saying, and he answered ‘This is not going to be in the exam. So don't worry,’” Alexandra recalled. “And I don't want to sound geek, but that's not the way it should be. If we give people an experience in their learning, if we make them be part of it and feel they're teaching other people and their interaction adds value to the community, that's great and that's my ambition. That's Homuork's ambition.”

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