Interview with Xavier Prats on the role of entrepreneurship in education

By OEC team Comments

At the Finalists' Workshop, we spoke with Xavier Prats Monné, Deputy-Director General for Education and Culture at the European Commission, about the EC’s priorities in education and the role of the private sector and entrepreneurship.

“There is a lot of emphasis on innovation in research, on innovation linked to entrepreneurship, but we also need innovation in education”, he said.

Speaking about the role of the private sector in education, Mr. Prats Monné commented,

“The key now is to make sure that we have a good cooperation between public and private so we don’t see them as opponents or a trade-off, but rather as complementary ways of improving ways of teaching and learning.”

As a member of the OEC Jury, Mr. Prats Monné underlined that he would be looking for projects that could be scaled up or replicated at the European level and have wider benefits for education than just the immediate users.

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