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What would it have been like to meet Salman Khan when he first started uploading tutorials on YouTube? Or Martin Dougiamas when he started developing Moodle? We can't predict the future, but we are giving you the chance to meet some of today's most promising up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the education world.

Since it's inception, the goal of the Open Education Challenge has been to identify the most promising education startups with the potential to transform education, and catalyze their impact in Europe and beyond. Over the next three months, you'll have the chance to meet the winners of the Open Education Challenge in person at showcase events in Helsinki and Paris, or you can meet them and the rest of the finalists online in our series of Google Hangouts. In the calendar below, you'll see all of the events scheduled. Not all of the details are finalized yet, but we will continue to update this calendar as we confirm the logistics.

Showcase events

The winners of the Open Education Challenge get to participate in the first ever European Incubator for Innovation in Education. The incubation programme is offered in a blended format, with 12 weeks of online coaching and mentoring punctuated by 4 residential sessions in Helsinki, Paris, London, and Berlin. At the first two sessions in Helsinki and Paris, respectively, we will be holding showcase events to present the winners to the education and startup communities in those cities. At the showcase events, the nine winners of the Challenge will set up presentations and demos (when possible) in an exhibition format where attendees can learn about the products and speak with the teams. We will be in Helsinki from 2-5 September, so if you are interested in meeting us or one of the teams, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Google Hangouts

In our quest to keep the Open Education Challenge as open as possible, we are also preparing a series of online sessions where anyone can join to meet the teams. In each Google Hangout, two teams will present themselves and their project and answer any questions from the attendees.

Overview of the winning teams

You can get a brief introduction to the winning teams here in our Google map - click on the marker to see the description of each project. We have also listed all of the finalists with links to their websites in this previous blog post.

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