Four tips for making your application video

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Our application form is pretty simple: four questions and a video. The catch: the video is only 30 seconds long. What can you do to impress the selection committee in the time it takes to read this paragraph? Here’s what we want to see.


The video is about YOU

Please don’t send us a demo! We invest in the entrepreneur, not the product. At this point, we are more interested in knowing who you are and why you care about education. This video is a chance for you to build trust and give us the impression that you're serious about this opportunity. We want to hear about what gets you fired up every morning!


It is also about your team

If you are working with a partner or a team, we’d like to meet them too. Tell us what each person brings to the project and what makes you a great team.


It's not about the product

You don’t have to pitch us your solution, nor do you have to show us a prototype. Your idea should be fully explained in the application form itself.

Don't stress about the production

We’re not expecting anything too slick. You don’t have to dazzle us with animations or cool effects (although you can try!). Instead, let your personality and your passion shine through. Film it on your camera phone, your webcam, or whatever you have available (we consider resourcefulness an asset). 

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