The European Edtech Tour

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The Open Education Challenge and P.A.U. Education are supporting Svenia Busson's new project. After touring Edtech clusters around the world and interviewed more than 350 innovators (the full report is still available here) with her colleague Audrey, Svenia will now tour Europe, Edtech hubs and keep learning from best practices and - less successful ones - to contribute to an intelligent and thoughtful usage of Edtech.
The European dimension of innovation in education is central to the OEC. Our incubation process is fully based on cross-cultural exchanges between European entrepreneurs, mentors and experts.
Svenia will be touring different countries, from Denmark to Spain. We all know the huge diversity of education systems. There is not a single pattern defining how teachers and trained, paid and recognized, how students should learn and be assessed and how families are involved. But there is a common trend in all these countries named "education entrepreneurship". Education entrepreneurs are aiming at reinventing the education systems, removing barriers that prevent students to achieve their full potential, find a job, be happy.
Would innovation contribute to change education? Would entrepreneurs address and correct the huge social inequalities that exist in education?
Svenia is just starting her tour. Her first newsletter is already published.

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