Creative teachers: the Open Education Challenge is for you!

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You are an innovative teacher. You want to share your innovative practices and have a greater impact in schools all over Europe and beyond. The Open Education Challenge is your opportunity to transform your idea into a successful company and change the way we teach and learn.

All ideas are welcome. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Create educational apps, books, learning resources on every subject
  • Give teachers the tools to create their own resources
  • Facilitate access to learning through on-line and interactive courses,
  • Help students and teachers to choose the right resources from hundreds of thousands, and create personalised learning plans;
  • Provide specific, targeted challenges and assessments to complete each week
  • Transform physical classrooms
  • Improve schools’ and universities’ management
  • Create new bridges between education and employment

Innovating with Google

We spoke with William Florance, Google’s Head of Education Outreach in Emerging Markets, about how teachers are using Google's apps in innovative ways to improve their teaching practice.

The first thing that Florance pointed out is that Google did not create their applications specifically for educational purposes. Their focus was on creating simple and powerful online tools, and those tools happened to be exactly what millions of teachers needed. Teachers use these tools in a variety of creative ways, depending on their needs and the needs of their students.

Google works to make it easier to access the unlimited information available on the internet, but Florance insisted that the role of teachers is crucial in guiding and connecting students to that information.

“We believe that access to the world’s information is a good thing. […] If the world has access to the information, why do we turn it off at schools?” he said. “I think that the role of the teacher is to ensure that kids get access to the world’s information.”

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