The 2017 competition for the Global Education Startups Awards is now open

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GESA is the world’s largest edtech startup competition. Initiated by MindCET (Israel), GESA was co-founded with the Open Education Challenge and Edtech UK in 2014. Hundreds of entrepreneurs from across the world apply to GESA, with the winner named the Most Promising Edtech Startup of the year. In addition to promoting the best edtech startups, GESA helps to build local edtech ecosystems, through pitching events, mentoring and is a significant player in promoting educational solutions that address problems at the local level.
Since its launch, GESA has welcomed partners from across the globe, including Inncubated (Bogota), Ed21 (Paris), Versari Partners (Dublin), Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico City) and Wayra (Global network hosted by Telefonica Int'l). This year we are joined by a host of new partners including EduLab (Tokyo), LearnLaunch (Boston) and Educomp (India).  In addition, we hosted 2 special tracks aimed at Adult Learning (Digital Promise & XPrize) and Cultural Understanding (Dov Lautman Foundation).
Last year, GESA hosted 9 local competitions in addition to the Global Finals in London, where 14 entrepreneurs pitched in front of an expert group of judges and a full house of attendees.
What's new in 2017?
Company Stages: After seeing applications surge above 600 last year, we aim to have 2 separate tracks of the main competition in 2017, separated by company stage. We will award one winner among early stage startups and another for more mature edtech companies (defined by $500,000 in revenue or $1,500,000 in capital raised).
The selection criteria
Both tracks of startups will be judged by a panel of industry experts, based on their (a) potential and (b) current progress in the following areas:
1.     Address a clear pain point, relevant to the market
2.     Provide an innovative pedagogical approach
3.     Have an outstanding user experience
4.     Show potential for tremendous growth in their user base
5.     Operate in the context of a sustainable business model

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